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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 23, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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it's cloudy right now. it is fairly overcast you concede that for the entire bay area. pockets are starting to break up there
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is sun shine in the background if this depends on where you are. san francisco 66 oakland same temperature for you. you concede that in livermore and san jose are calling from 61 to 65 degrees. will look for about 86 to 88 degrees and the delta. 79 is san jose that could warm up to 87 for the valley. that is just a glimpse at the forecast for today will get more details coming up at 715. we have been a joint a ride today for better
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than yesterday's. so it is miles from here and that means sadly miles of stop a go slow a go traffic. there is a chp cruiser that just cut back into traffic about here. we went from having a better than usual ride on the san mateo bridge suddenly grounded into a halt. this is alleged to be backed up for at least an hour or more in the west of direction. you're ride to the bay bridge west found is much better we are not backed up into the mccarthy days but to it. it is 16 to 18 minute drive times. 7 02 the president is in
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san francisco. little time to do anything but he went back to the hotel this morning he wakes up to a busy day of fund raising. developwill: they will be protests think a lot of things. we do we know foreshore purpose this this is a 80 visit to the bay area. this is strictly fund- raising. it is a private fund- raiser there will be 1000 to a $32,000 for people to get in. the explosion of kids from central america, the to the u.s.. because they're fleeing
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their country out of fear of crime and violence there. they want an answer from president overhaul law. if they are waiting for that it's not going to happen. he is not making, on immigration that has a lot of people upset. once again you come to the bay area to get money from your supporters and then leave. this time he is not making any public appearances. he will be met with protesters are obviously very quiet right
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now. his people back at the white house are saying they understand what's going on. but this trip was planned two weeks before that crisis became international metals. >>:mark: their flying back into israel this morning after they've barred u.s. carrier they and those that they are going to try to resume flights until tomorrow. >>: they say that they will give
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up airlines and update by midday today. >>: john kerry flew into israel's main airport. he continues to push through a season to rein israel and a loss. they are making progress after the deadly impact new york city's mayor is flying into israel last night. he protested that they erred by faa. he says that it is safe to say flight in and out of israel. he was digging san totals win a tunnel collapsed on him. it took crews more than a half hour to dig camera out. it were not able to
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revive him.
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so don't put it off. evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance.latests no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. of the other a live look from the ever led the bodies of the big films from that of a 17 flight that was shot down six days ago is finally returning this morning. there were showed
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rebels did not turn over the bodies for days. the victims of the flight of hundred 39 of the . we are going to see these offense taken out of the plane. -- coffins the low, once have been waiting for them to our ride. for it is a horrible day for so many families of the victims. the united states is
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confirming that there was a missile from ukraine that shot down the flight. >>: we talk about this ongoing investigation it is not finished by a long shot. they are not going to be taken and very right away they have to be aideed by the military base. here is a grieving mother talking about waiting for a eight identification for five months. >>: they say this is part of the investigation. 715 right now and this is the latest on the wildfire. it burned 400 square
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miles. take a look at the latest pictures that we have that is involved in so much of the east it is a series of fires the president, made comments yesterday about it. , cover is all we really see over the bay area right now. it's expected to stay drive throughout the day. it is cloudy conditions over the north a.
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this is the flag pole as you could see the flag is not moving at also the winds are on the kron side this morning. 67 now 66 in oakland and the generally low to mid '60's is general around the bay. we've been seeing this temperature range of week-long. these they are warm spot will be the delta. and as you have a closer to the water it will be a little cooler for you. in the north bay and of the the upper seventies to low 80s. so you're seven days around the bay for cat shows such a but
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there is a ploy to be moving forward. it's quick to be high. they jump up tomorrow and they continue to climb into friday. looking at nineties for the weekend. >>:george : holding steady at the bay bridge the backup is right into mccarthy raised. it's a 16 to 80 minutes drive times there. the stall is are declared from the lands out into the high rise but we are left with the heavy west bound traffic flow. looking after ride to the golden gate bridge 101 south, it has been a light ride all morning long. that still doesn't translate into any delays for your ride on one no one south of. still a little sluggish here
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although the early morning problems are no longer a factor in this commute. still a pretty good ride and the south bay. to aid the north has better conditions than usual. >>:darya : the republicans are moving separately 2/president, border budget. it will allocate 2.7 billion for more emigration detention facilities and other
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resources. house republicans are expected to go even further with more limited sending that will be heavily on enforcing provisions of the think caring for the view. >>: a school going up in flames and the county yesterday's. the loss angeles charter school thi don't think anyone was in the single story school. no injuries were reported. >>:erica: we are finding several trading stories on the web. the old, family could be moving to california after they leave the white house. they're looking at a fancy home in the palm springs. the houses were
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up $2.6 million it's a pretty grand looking a state with pre much much privacy all over. it looks like this family has a serious interest in california. >>: coming up you get still polisher shoes advert you can even charge your phone for free [ heart beating ]
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there are new signs posted all around art station. -- bart station federal law requires, so if you're polishing your shoes chances are you're wide awake. so if there's an emergency you can put up your belongings and get out of there. but if you are
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sleeping and there's an emergency that could be a problem. our police say that you will the a warning and then a reading morning and then you would get a violation. as well as you only take as much space as you was standing up your good to go. the key here is being stretched out like your and a hotel room. and get upset when the workers arrived at this curve your sleep. over at the bar station this man appears to be fast asleep and then i cite ball. the bay area transit gives
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them a violation. >>: police want to know who replace the american flags with white flags. they were taken down the flags on tuesday because they are a flag of surrender. . it may have been white wash. the ruling out the possibility that it is a act of terrorism. police have car stationed on both ends. american flags have been returned to the bridge. >>: looks like the battle to keep the oakland a's in oakland has been one. will tell you by
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it y se strge, t people allyan le thr laxative. escially wheit's milax.
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hydtes,ases, and ftens, allyan le thr laxative. unbck your syst natally. odd thing about the weather here at 730 and lives look from out him. we're showing the hills that have overcast conditions over time. you can see that the clubs are getting lighter and lighter. temperatures still have not moved a lot. we have several cisco with 67. the morning is
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slowly taking hold. and today in general it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow the temperature is really jump and continued to climb into the weekend. will walk you through the full forecast coming up at 745. >>:james : interstate 280 in the southbound direction and renew it reported accident on the south outside of the freeway. one no one northbound at tully road there's an accident. even with both of those incidents were still looking at a slightly better than usual conditions for the ride down 1 01 and interstate 280. let's track the commute to the san mateo bridge
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the high spot because of an earlier occurring stall it has already cleared but i think we're left with sluggish conditions around the bridge. the drive time is 18 + minutes. >>:mark: the water district approved water cops. they're explaining how enforcement is going to be kicking in. this is now paid to. they are seeing a lot of police officers transferring. this program kicked off yesterday. they will be able to up respond to calls
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such as a burglary and vandalism. they will be split into four different divisions. it will wear a light blue uniform to distinguish themselves from the regular officers. >>: will check back with him throughout the morning. >>:darya: a 73 year-old woman is recovering from a head injury after being shot in the head near third street and google avenue. it happened at 4 in the afternoon at the senior housing. oh maybe at looks like there wasn't a bullet it would stray glass. she walked down the hallway down to the elevator and
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came down to the administrative office and reported that she had been shot. so the like this could happen it is an unfortunate situation that occurred we're so grateful that she is doing well. >>: it looks like maybe the shooting have been a block or more away. >>:tereasa the ferry building they could be heading for a strike here in the north a. according to union spokesperson the district's proposed a three- year contract with a raise in 2000 and 14. the district is
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asking for bigger contributions to health care premiums. the ferry workers and the bus service workers and the bridge ironworkers also expect tours are involved in this association. we have calls into the bridge district to get their perspective on what is going on. will have more coming up a little later on on kron 4 morning news. >>: more on the water cops and the bay their decision of the setup clara valley is spending half a million dollars to include public outrage with more incentives. they're hiring 10 water cops. residents in the district can take a picture of water wasters and send it into the address and honest-- anonymously.
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>>: when we get reports of water waste which was then this team out to check out. if somebody does not know that they're wasting water we will explain the rules and help them get into a program. if there's continuous ways we will reported to their water carrier. >>: looks like the oka oakland a's are here to say. the deal still has to be approved by next week. they have previously hope their support. their authority has a government entity that oversees the calcium. >>: they bring in an estimate
7:36 am
of $20 million to the city and county. >>: spending all that money and doing all those improvements some mean that we can flush and shower at the same time. >>: were going to talk about more that's happening on the field for that eighth and the giants coming up about 10 minutes from now.
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there may be as many as five and six vehicles in this crash
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although most are clear to the shoulder. >>:erica: a lot of people are wanting to know about the affair recalled. the recall is peaches and nectarines and other fruits packed by this packing co. and california. these stores and sells their fruit to wal-mart in places like that they've asked them to pull their products. from sold as individual pieces should have a read product sticker that says ct e.
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a live look at the satellite radar were not seen any rein like we saw yesterday we did have a little bit of green kind of tracking earlier. we can actually make out the bridge this morning that is a big change in visibility. it is, and cloudy. even in the lower parts of the peninsula were seen some
7:44 am
sun coming through. we eventually will start to warm up. will earn low to mid 60's. 79 for san jose. maybe 87 degrees here. we're kind of expecting that for the delta to. in livermore 82 also low eighties for the san ramon valley. a downtown oakland 73. with temperatures in the north rate ranging from 75 to 80 degrees. here's your seven their rugged a forecast temperatures are really jumping tomorrow. our store is going to be all about the heat up after thursday. were and keep our morgan top side straight through our weekend. >>:georgel i don't think shaving
7:45 am
down is inappropriate selection. we have a multi vehicle accident on the shoulder. but it's causing a lot of attention for slower than usual traffic. and then continuing down to the free my in milpitas corridor. your rider crosses and the to of earlier occurring stall is now clear. your west palm ride for the bay bridge is better than yesterday's. in a free trip to the golden gate bridge one a one southbound is a pretty easy ride here. there are no delays for the south around. >>:gary : how about to me as a
7:46 am
closer. >>:darya : the kitchen sink. >>: throw that out about their five hours and 46 minutes. >>: it's a fun game to watch but i'm always curious who has five hours in 46 minutes to watch that. >>: up with a lot of games and ended up in our favor. i've never heard of our favor >>: our team is really having a rough go. it almost always of a great hitting that they have. its 404 ft. home run.
7:47 am
>>: that's what stands out about that game that was the last guide and was scheduled to pitch friday at home again. >>: the a's didn't quit either but face got hosed. ther one of the great young producers he wrote on the sheep that he's got holes in a different area code which she learned from ludicrous pr. coast is felt ah each soos as thee rates
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>>: it looks like i've been following this love thing and now it looks like the warriors are release will be in now. it looks like an autograph love. >>: there is this for player trading involved with gangs. in the bats are on that they're going to get love. >>: people will tell you that when the kron cave that was one of the deals that they give love to. (labron) i know it's cleveland and we all love were we lehr but love kron is a way to pa(labron ) said he is sorryr
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what he has done , for everybody the past few weeks have been a mess. he is and china right now. he had cupcakes said to all of the neighbors with a whole song and dance. approved, sorry for the chaos the past few weeks. >>: to speak of this looking at our nature. while wade c. he comes home a gold to the neighbor. what's funny is a kid
7:50 am
who grew up there lives a block away and says of the years i've lived here i saw him once. he goes through the gate and into the garage. >>: i have a neighbor that i don't see either. >>: what happens when you have to park out industrin the streer lawyer of velvet robes? there are that has to beat the no. 1 cup a velvet rope around your drive.
7:51 am
>>: it's like the same thing when you see movie people. you think they would leave the guy alone. >>: that is my question he was here filming a movie. bellhoi dw he had his own movie. >>: it may be a little bigger >>: does the movie provided >>: is owned company doing this thing right? thereup a less as the cops or the fire department i don't see the ropes, moving them and parking.
7:52 am
>>:to put velvet ropes on the street legal? it does not keep any body out , instaed have your friends sit by it you have your people so around your car. i love to get the feedback on facebook. people are saying that it's a good idea. 90 year olds are facebooking?
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a the at the stories that were falling-- following , a huge banner: buy a plane. it's a better for guide co and the
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plane was telling aspect it damage the power lines. a pilot came by later and ask for his banter back. >>: chrysler is and i'll say a recall. -- announcing a recall. ♪ hersy'spres.
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...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. arrives to try and broker a cease-fire right now president obama is in he arrived for latest trip to the bay area at around 9-30 last night so there was little time to do anything but head to his hotel. it's going to be a busy day for including his supporters. it won't be busy enough.
8:00 am
kr explain what that all means. there's no thunder and lightning out there this morning. >>:james: a live camera here at the bay bridge it is cloudy. we have dry conditions near the bay bridge. all were dealing with is mild temperatures right now. mid-60's 66 in oakland otherwise were looking at low 60s in the bay area. it's a touch warmer than yesterday's this afternoon.
8:01 am
upper 60s its emphasis go and in the north a. it's a typical and mild forecast for us. will talk about that with your extended outlook coming up at 815. >>: there's a hot spot with nearly chop stop traffic in the westbound direction. we do have a stall and that has to drop traffic to a halt their. it was completely stopped at the toll plaza and likely will be from time to time and we continue to track the laze around the turnoff for the same material bridge at that a street accident. look at the rest of this ride down for your trip through the corridor. getting down to 237 and across you are
8:02 am
very much delayed this morning. 53 minutes. slow traffic on 280 in the northbound direction with a sao paulo crash. 85 from the guadalupe parkway and to cupertino is backed up. >>:darya : the president is in san francisco he arrived in the bay area around 930 last night. he is here for fund-raiserswill? >>: there is no reason to be here unless you live here. fund- raising as you read should pass
8:03 am
up set a lot of people. issues are going on nationally. the immigration crisis is facing the u.s. with thousands of children fleeing central a bear cub. taiwanese news agency says a they want answers. they want the president to move on this. while this crisis works its way out. they want the president to address this which she will not. he will not address the other to global thinks. his supporters
8:04 am
say that if you're gonna come out for five and a half hours. we understand it's a fund raiser. you have to pay 1000 to insert $32,000 to be there. he's not going to do that according to the white house. he needs to raise money for democrats. this trip was planned two weeks ago before the stories exploded on to newspapers and television screens as well. >>:mark : we weather began and taiwan trans-asia airplane has crashed in emergency landing,
8:05 am
killing 51 people, injuring 7. and reports are coming in that two ukranian military fighter jets have been shot down in the eastern part of the country. we're gathering the details as they come in. but right now.the ukranian defense ministry is reporting those sukhoi-25 fighters have been shot down.with as many as four crew members lost. secretary of state john kerry is in jerusalem today-- trying to broker a peace agreement between israel and hamas. it comes one day after the f-a- a banned flights into and out of tel aviv -- because of a rocket attack. martin savidge has the latest. r a day at the beach turns deadly
8:06 am
after a rocket launch fire a loss as demolished this whole miles from the runways. the band took a fact and shot this video by blocking out the plane. when the hole a man was digging collapsed on him burying him. former new york city mayor came from jfk lacerate and suggested the ban should be listed it is not an effective airline. israel has a right to defend its people. they're not going to
8:07 am
overrule the faa . they need to take extra precautions. the bloodshed continues and gaza. the death toll rises to 640. two more soldiers were killed there overnight. >>:807 water cops could soon be patrolling. i want to tell you about a unique group of people.
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looking at slow traffic here for the san mateo bridge. lal clear from the bridge but the heavy traffic remains. there's so traffic to the corridor. >>:darya : two military transport planes landed and that never land. they contain the bodies of the dutch victims of the last weeks airlines crash. there was 40 to 60 in the plane
8:11 am
when it landed with the wooden coffins. it's been six days since the malaysian airlines were shot down over eastern ukraine. the family members were there as there was a brief ceremony. the crash killed 298 people total. after people find a dentist through us,
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another hurricane pushing toward china's coast after striking taiwan overnight. thousands of tourists have been evacuated. heavy winds bring down pirates lines areas and heavy rain is fuelling fears of landslides. the sla radar view nothing much on the radar. it is bay area ride so we're looking at overcast conditions not just for the peninsula but for the east bay valleys. will start to see some be set sunday. we're still dealing with a little cloud cover. from this perspective and looked just fine. even the north
8:15 am
bay hills here as we look at the headlines. the clubs are actually causing some this and drizzle. it's a much different story as it hit the high elevations. that sea level is looking high appear for the roof level. temperatures 45 minute delays for the pop flight spuriouspresident obama made his temperature is our mid-60s and generally. a word 68. were even get into the upper 70 slow 80s for the south bay. lilly's expected for campbell and 87 for the valley. the east bay will be the delta. the upper 80s for
8:16 am
the delta. low eighties for livermore valley superio. acrose bay in san francisco expect about 68 degrees for your afternoon high. upper seventies to low 80s will be the general forecast. >>: the thing going forward after today will be the warm up into tomorrow and continue into friday. th george: still tracking delays for the minutes freeway down to millipede is this morning for a very heavy and slow commute. look at that drive time in 51
8:17 am
minutes down to 237 from 238 with slow traffic getting across to about a view. south bay freeway still plenty of slowing here for northbound accidents. they are cleared up 85 looks a lot better. one no one is still heavy coming up on of the coyote valley. also still jammed up for the sale until bridge ride in the west of direction we still haven't recovered from the stall that occurred an hour ago. its holding steady here about mid parking lot. slow traffic but not much of a backup for this morning. the golden gate reach is a good ride. we're not tracking and the problems on
8:18 am
public transit this morning. >>: 18th and the latest of a wildfire and washington state is now 400 square miles plus. the president made comments yesterday's about $15 million emergency funds. a lot of it has to do with the drought. congress will deal testimony's about undercover investigators using fake ideas. -- ids comments yesterday-- and asked congress for 615-million in blaze. the president says quote "a lot of it has to do with the
8:19 am
drought. and a lot of it has to happening today. congress will hear testimony detailing how undercover investigators used fake identities to get tax payer subsidized health insurance the non-partisan government accountabilty office says its undercover operatives were able to get subsidized health care in 11 out of 18 attempts. the office is still paying senate democrats and house republicans are moving separately to slash president barack obama's $3.7 billion emergency spending request for the southern border, but they're unlikely to end up with a deal a senate bill would allocate $2.7 billion for more immigration judges, detention facilities and other resources. that amounts to a $1 billion reduction in obama's request. house republicans were expected to go even further, with more limited spending that would be focused heavily on enforcement provisions rather than caring for the youths. since october over 57-thousand children have border patrol agents were under fire as they tried to arrest a man in la joya , on the rio grande river near the gulf of mexico. authorities say the man was wanted for a murder in the texas town of edinburg.he was also believed to be a member of the notorious "texas syndicate" the man was identified as 29- two law enforcement officers
8:20 am
were shot, but they are ok. new york - nonprofit organization goodwill industries inc. is working with federal officials to investigate a possible security breach. the rockville, maryland-based organization says it was contacted friday by a payment card industry fraud investigative unit and federal authorities who said payment card numbers may have been stolen from some u.s. stores. investigators are reviewing information but so far no data breach has been discovered. goodwill operates more than 2,900 stores and takes in annual retail sales of $3.79 billion. it sells donated merchandise to fund job programs. goodwill says it is working with credit card makers, the secret service and fraud investigators to figure out if a breach occurred. its investigation follows a spate of high-profile data breaches at target, neiman marcus and other retailers. were following the top trending
8:21 am
stories on social media right now including the fiancee aaron jz room where. someone placed the american flags they usually fly off the bridge with white flags.
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so the tax will be on the ballot in san francisco. -- soda tax on evry oncery ounce of soda they figyure it will ta,
8:26 am
older cells have hit the lowest in 12 years. 36million gallons of oj i'd rather have cranberry juice highest >>: chrysler is recalling 1000 jeeps. there is a new ignition switch problem. and the jeep commanders said the 06 and 07
8:27 am
jeep cherokees the problem could cause the and they should keep to move up opposition while you're driving. they say they will contact you by mid september.
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u kn, yo grafathn:da thiis aemix lovethe and am. it theew r whi & bl sla sa thi.hmmm. th hasluebries straerri and eam eesecing sayhat,oo. yu he ved
8:29 am
829 will begin with a quick look all around the bay for cat.
8:30 am
into saturdays and sundays to conceive will getting back into the late 90's. we have a live shot here from the approach report. the sun is beginning to filter through. will enjoy light of that will we get into the afternoon. 68 for dallas there for cisco and the upper 70's for the north a. >>:george : the bridge ride is backed up still from the toll plaza. the still trying to unwind the slow traffic. have the morning through the corridor this morning the drive coming
8:31 am
down from san leandro down to 237 is backed up. 237 remains heavy as you turn west were and continue over to hull in view. >>:mark: a new way to help fight crime. >>:mike: they are called community service officers right now 25 of them are going to th academy. many officers switched
8:32 am
agencies. they will hit the street and have extra resources. they will be assigned to the city's division. they will not respond to incidents where there is a suspect on seen they are not sworn police officers. calls that happened several hours to days before they call the police. you're talking about a burglary that occurred some time of go. >>: wants the 25 officers complete that academy they will undergo a three day training program before they hit the streets in september. bell
8:33 am
darya: the ferry building the ferry workers are some of those people that could be heading for a strike here in the north a. according to the union spokesperson there was a three- year contract with 2.7. tracy.. the last time there was a strike it was not just a few years ago. it lasted half of a day. will have more coming up a little later on on the crime 4 morning
8:34 am
news. >>: happening today at the new levi stadium that a set annual possible. they raise money for the 49 years foundation. some of the charities and some of the city's evolve. this happened tonight at 630. the 49 worst start a training camp. the lab two weeks before their first preseason game on august 7th. >>: looks like the oakland a's will be staying for the next 10 years. they tweet the original deal it will be approved next
8:35 am
week by the board of supervisors. the extension has already been approved trip. it covered stays to making millions of dollars of improvements to the building. the a's have been played at the coliseum since 1968. >>: the football stadium was the first screen stadium in the u.s..
8:36 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
8:37 am
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. and odby to aed sar.
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oh ay, bodyse tse crberr abouyournsurce,bause wh youon' you arte n hu you and at pkingear stre wh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith [annncercall-800arme,u addition to the slow going on the seventh day of bridge there is backed up traffic on the dumbarton bridge so it's not a very good alternate route for you this morning.
8:39 am
darya: following up top trending stories on the web this morning. the overall family may be moving to california. -- obama family , beyond saying andjay z may split after the top of the warrantor.
8:40 am
the golden gat ebridge has traffic north bound , every mercedes-benz is made
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smart fellow that you must have. >>: on my facebook page i asked you what do you want to know about the brand new algae smart fellow. -- lg smart phone is one of the most powerful pjhones out there . many of you are interested in the camera. fauteuils look best and bright light. you could take a self fleabite in raising your hand and making a fist. many of you
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8:45 am
want the biggest screen possible. this is for a person that wants it all. it starts at $100 on contract. < < james: we started off cloudy and watch it starts to break up. will go outside and show you what this looks like. conditions are actually improving. let's look at the other camera it's see your badge shop. before too much lower will see some sunshine
8:46 am
here and in temperatures begin to rise. 45 minutes delays with a road visibility. were beginning to see a warm-up and antioch. 66 in livermore those of the jurors will start to climb first as the clouds start to hold back. temperatures this afternoon will be in the upper '70's and low 80s. in the east bay it also be the forecast for antioch. cooler conditions in the san ramon valley and the livermore valley. 73 in oakland
8:47 am
and its kohler and also san francisco record dishes will be slightly cooler. bel today it's just a mild one. tomorrow the high pressure kickstand, we go to 83 today to 93 tomorrow. >>:george still jammed up by the san mateo bridge its fate is in there on the stand west of the toll plaza. the truck over ran a ladder and became stuck. we are once again jammed up from before the toll plaza of the drive times are back up above 20 minutes. it had a brief spell
8:48 am
offs man that shot out some ways for a while. worse still heavy here through the corridor and the south bay on one awad in the north of direction. we are still backed up from net 880 over crossing. backing up a bit coming from the procedural parkway to the toll plaza on the north of side. >>:mark: the giants get a big
8:49 am
win in philadelphia. here is a solo shot in the top of the ninth. it doubled in the 14th. the a's also have extra and the they could not knockoff that astros. it was l.j. host who goes through the games. the
8:50 am
astros also had their first three games leading street. >>: the 49ers will hold is the first ever u.s. stadium to have the gold cert. and 18,000 ft rooftop has features made of plants. devel seahawks are running back not ruling in a hybrid. he parks his hybrid behind his home. he is a
8:51 am
deterrent shooting his own movie. he parks of the street and that is people put out a velvet rope. >>: many people can forget red tights and when he bit off holyfield here. it will be together again for the deduction. over the years to put their feelings to bed. he will did holyfield his hall of fame trophy. >>:
8:52 am
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8:56 am
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8:59 am
2 hours from now obama will be here ,
9:00 am
>>: start you off with the weather and traffic. >>:erica: a lot of the cloud cover is starting to clear. most loquacious of the southbury with its, c seven trestles for the top wall care of. so deftly call ahead and check with the carrier this morning. we focus on the bill had lied. it is cloudy for doubt. h by tomorrow we will see
9:01 am
some clearing skies. it will be 10 degrees warmer than what we are experiencing today. we are approaching the triple digits by the end of the week. thereupon >>:george we're tracking high spot both the seventh real bridge at the dumbarton bridges have been jammed up with incidents. a truck over read a letter and got stuck that is the delay were unwinding here. usually the dumbarton bridge will be a good old to that but not this morning. a pvc pipe managed to back up traffic. it is vulgar backed up to 80 but it
9:02 am
is still slow. and i'm one award for the ball in view ride. look at this one no one traffic is backed up solidly from the 280 interchange. that drive time is over 46 minutes. >>:darya: 9 02 president obama is here in the bay area. protesters are there as well. >>:will: dari of the are being kept away from the location it
9:03 am
is right behind me just a road the quarter. sleekit secret service to swap follow. the nafta be a lull in the 90 people to pay between a thousand and $32,000 to hear him speak. if you're hoping that he would make a comment about immigration or the is renewed conflict he is not because the president will not be speaking about any of those things. this is strictly business for him to raise money for fellow democrats. this is why the supporters are criticizing him because of all of these issues that are going on nationally and
9:04 am
internationally. he flew 5 1/2 hours to cover here he burned as well speak about the issues. they clave this trip was planned two weeks before this incident happened. of course money needs to be raised. trans aged airways airplane crashed at 48 emergency landing. this is including the fireball that popped up during this crash. it happened during the typhoon hurricane that was
9:05 am
hitting taiwan at the time. here's the pictures of the play that sort of broke apart. there's no word on what the original of urgency was. >>: were following a world developing story to fire jets like this would were shot out it did eastern part of the country. these reports are completed this morning. their risk 25 fighters with two crew members on board they are missing and presumed dead. they were shot down in the same area were malaysian flight 17 was also shot down. there's a push to get international flights flying back into israel this morning. u.s. airways
9:06 am
announced that there is a pen the essay eighth approval. >>: so the faa says they will be given that airlines and update by midday today. the plague was secretary of state john kerry on board flew into the airport. thnba's some progress after the deadly impact. >>: there also flying into
9:07 am
israel last night to make a point. they say that they want to send a message that it is safe to fly in and out of israel. >>: a day at the beach turned deadly after a poll that the ban was digging collapsed on him and buried him. near half of the bay was being said totals with some friends and the total collapse in zero of hill. -- tunnel . they cover those holes to prevent anybody else from falling in.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
we continue to attract a high spot on the 92 ride across the cemetery of bridge. there was to separate incidents on the bridge this morning. even though it looks like it was moving pretty well i wouldn't be surprised if the next time you see this it
9:11 am
stops here. >>: the top stories of our web site right now this is the man who is accused of molesting a child he was beaten up by the child's father. and police are now encouraging the justin's beavers neighbors to make city since our rest if these parties get out of hand. the police charged a beeper with disturbing the peace. they say this is and the rest could start changing this. >>: them up mass of wild fire coming up.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
the latest of a wildfire burning and washing to stay here is the the new pictures. there is hundreds of square miles of that are burning. the president is say that this fire could be a climate change. he asked progress fo$615.9014 right now d
9:15 am
were going to get an update with weather and traffic. >>: the ride on 92 here west wall where traffic is still backed up. in the westbound direction we check delays that continue for a while longer. and the right now from highway 84 is still backed up and the west of direction. traffic has been slow here all morning long. look at that 880 so far ride it is still backed up tried to get done to the milpitas corridor. that's about a 60 minute drive. it
9:16 am
isn't often that we see this entire stretch showing as much read as it does. bebe a look at your ride through the golden gate bridge where traffic is who fear and both the north and the south all directions. <
9:17 am
warm surface temperatures. it is translating into mild and humid conditions. where it joins 60s along the coast line right now. we are showing a lot of cloud cover she's pulling back right now. expect a lot of sunshine with temperatures warmer than yesterday's. well see low 80s develop to the san ramon valley. sanford cisco will reach the upper 60s. worse the warmer weather for the rest of the week. -- warmer weather for the rest of the week .
9:18 am
9:19 am
revenue is $37 billion profit. if it was not apple it would be a grape quarter. because it is apple it will be on the great hearthside. >>: it seems like a great buy. would you still like buying apple shares question or develop i think every message will be diversified. i don't think you have followed the individual named. take a look at microsoft's the last five years. facebook has had a good rise. i
9:20 am
would to the other news today to learn what happened to the mobile phone it is huge for facebook. that quarter when they said that we have mobile it is meant to work.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
924 is angry neighbors banded together for a meeting and antioch right now. there was a
9:25 am
another shooting there on tuesday. blowholes and a red nissan i've been here 58 years in the crime right now is the worst as it's ever been. scenes like this are now a daily occurrence. unfortunately someone opened fire but fortunately no one was hurt. data will come outside any more because of the shooting. >>: 58 years i've been here and now the crime is out rages. the violent crime this year is actually down but the numbers for july have yet to be tallied. i've heard gunshots the ride were house. \ no one shows up
9:26 am
that antioch p d has 88 officers. that is well below other cities of their size. >>: i talked to a police officer last week and he says that he has been working 18 to 20 hours a day. he does not have a dove back up. >>: we need to do more we the people to step up. >>: there is a crime statistic to the city kelso. this is almost identical to what we saw last year and the year before. they scheduled a rally and march against the violence. bellbell
9:27 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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9:29 am
we are saying a little more sunshine for the golden gate bridge. take a look as we get our shot for the motel. we also have some delays of the arriving flights that are averaging 52 minutes. but in terms of your headlights it's a bit muddy today. -- muggy into the weekend will see '90s said lead will have full details of the extended forecast covey up in 15 events.
9:30 am
>>:george : the limits freeway has slowed traffic. the dumbarton bridge has turned all the way throw to to 37. it's not quite as bad as it was a little while ago. we still have heavy traffic for most of the way towards highway 84. better conditions thou for the bridges the bay bridge west ball out of oakland looks good to a brighter backup meter relays are still active. for your trip to the golden gate bridge you'll find it easy ride it looks like a pretty day getting under way there. we are not delayed from
9:31 am
37 all the way go to the waldo bridge. >>: it's a bill type of police officer. gallupmark: they are called community service officer stop right now 12 was bid at 13 dead are going through a street academy. here you could see the officers are going through a five week training academy. san jose police need this help. they will respond to low priority calls. they are not sworn police officers they will not carry a gun in their power is limited.
9:32 am
develop a will be and any enforcement actions. they will not be making arrests or take the report said. >>: they called us a big resource for the departing some of our officers are referring to see f zero as can't staff officers. they will complete the five week academy and have a three week class start likely in september. added that this decision for the water district voted to spend half of million- dollar us that will include incentives for those to save
9:33 am
water. get residents in the district can take a picture of water wasters and said this address to let them know where the water wasters are. >>: would we get reports we what said this team out to check it out. the find could be as much as $500 per violation. >>: the 80s and will be stated in oakland. -- the as the a's
9:34 am
are staying. but for how long? the athletics, 28 agreement with the powers of authority with all points of the 10 year lease. the city says that age of greed to those amendments. it commits them to making millions of dollars in improvements to the existing building. they will have two years to leave oakland for any reason but it will come with a price. if they leave they will have to pay up to $68 million per year until their contracts and superioends.
9:35 am
for now fans can rejoice that the a's will be played here for at least the next two years. so after 15 months of the negotiation it looks like they finally caved to a deal for now. the back steps will be to approve the deal and vote on that of the 29th of july. looks like that aids will be played here for at least the next two years. >>: new this morning a 25 year- old man has died he was shot in the south market their lead at 730 last night. he was shot in
9:36 am
the chest and they're still looking for the gunman.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
are still tracking hot spots at 939. several vehicles involved in one lane of traffic block. >>: the earnings are coming in from american corporations. were getting it and from the out up being 45 today. were watching facebook as they report their
9:40 am
earnings. san francisco has a solid tax that's going to be on the november ballot. -said develothese 20 of bottles of wie a 40% tax. the tax will cut down sugary drinks purchases. >>: cyber thieves had broken into more than a thousand accounts and from julie bought tickets for events. they bought and and got passwords and information. they detected the transactions and they gave refunds to customers who were
9:41 am
hacked. good will has been hacked to. goodwill was contacted on friday by a pay bit investigator they say that the card numbers may have been stolen from their stores. so far they have not filed the date of reach. there was a breach and who might have done it. >>: apple granted a patent for the smart watch. it will have plenty of the same features that the smart watches there are eight of the market have. you can store music there that will allow you to create music.
9:42 am
here's a live look from cathedral hill will have the forecast of the up with the kron 4 morning news' returns. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ]
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,, stanley: there are new signs posted all around are stationed. -- bart sation basically it's in essence to an evacuation. what that means is federal law will choirs that they be able to evacuate index. so if you're polishing your shoes you can evacuate in minutes. if you are fast asleep like this guy and there's an emergency that could be a problem. the police say
9:46 am
that you'll get a verbal warning and a written warning that a find. for the record he is knop following the rules he happens to be a regular and art. -- bart as long as you only take up as much space as you would stand up your good to go. the key here is being stretched out like year and a hotel world. now the rules are dull stretch it out. so this man here is not a violation. but there is this weird who appears to be fast asleep and a dice tight ball.
9:47 am
bart there's lots of sunshine out there. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day or of the bay area. there is very humid conditions. we are right on parsee a warming trend. san francisco is already in the '60s. the cloud cover is pretty much clearing out right now. by the afternoon of a lot of sunshine and temperatures warmer than yesterday's. it looks like paul offs will be checking into the height of 77. '60s and '70s for the east bay's shoreline. here's your seventh
9:48 am
day of the day forecast temperatures will be ted degrees warmer as we head into thursday. we will see slightly warmer conditions as we headed to the '90s. >>: there are still laboring delays for the late problems here. the one no one ride north found and the boulevard there is an accident that is partially blocking the right-hand lane. a
9:49 am
problem over and burglary for a ninth of new direction. there is a vehicle fire that not only backs of traffic into the base budget affects the rights coming off the bay bridge. it connects with the e sure freeway that is backed up to the old post office there. san paolo avenue may be a better option for you this morning. if you're heading into the bay bridge that is a much better right now. your commute to the san mateo bridge is called up earlier this morning but it is and a loader. -- longer ,
9:50 am
breaking loose and to kron 4 we just got word that there are extended their flight man for u.s. carriers flying from israel. the ban was put in place after a rocket struck near the airport. >>: practice starts for the 49 hours tomorrow. >>: they took some extra endings into the six hour game but the giants have a big win. the game is tied. he gets two wins in a
9:51 am
row two nights in a row. usually a starter he comes and as a closer. this was the first career save in the san francisco. a lot of people are at day's gain. there on the a good sign of this would. he ran out at the top of the 12th. still 19 and a half games ahead of houston. >>: 49 there's have the first
9:52 am
full ball stadium in the u.s. to get the lead gold cert. they said the new standard for sustainable desert. to the 1000 solar panels that are going to collect the energy here world. -- year around . even their street cleaners are hybrids. >>: tyson is actually going to
9:53 am
be the presenter for holyfield's production of holophane next month in las vegas. they put each other's differences aside. mike tyson will hand holyfield his trophy. hopefully they feed him before he comes. 953 will
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
cat captured on camera. they're shy solitary with the extreme high ofera and the wildlife. they track 15,000 ft. the checkout with the camera is outside. >>: in colorado they have very resist take trash cans. they have the bears test them to find out if they work. we hope you have a great day it looks like will be warmly things up as we headed to the weekend will see you later.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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